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It is our mission to empower parents and ultimately children to become informed advocates for themselves.

Holly Brommer is a leading child advocate and consultant for education reform. She has served as an awarding winning teacher, public school adminstrator, and college faculty member in both Michigan and California since 1982. Holly is dedicated to assisting parents of children, with and without disabilities, to successfully maneuver the complex bureaucracy of the public school system. In every case, she works diligently to obtain appropriate educational services and benefits for each child.


Holly's expertise includes a broad knowledge of the support systems that are available for all children and are guaranteed by federal and state law. She has extensive experience in facilitating proactive communication between families and school professionals. She is committed to a collaborative model of problem solving that brings together “All the Elements for Success” in an individualized educational plan that truly meets each child’s specific learning and social emotional needs.


All the Elements for Success  Child Advocacy Services include:


  • Initial Referrals
  • Records Requests      
  • Letters to School Districts
  • Referrals for Evaluation and Services
  • Advocacy  at Discipline, 504, and/or IEP Team Meetings
  • Expulsion Hearings and Manifestation Determinations
  • Compliance Complaints
  • Office of Civil Rights Complaints
  • Diagnostic Referrals
  • Interpreting Evaluations and Assessments
  • Student Focused Meeting Agendas 
  • Independent School Observations and Reports
  •  Behavioral Intervention Planning
  • Appropriate Educational Goals and Assessment Plans
  • Prescriptive Instructional Recommendations
  • Student and Family Coaching
  • Expert Witness and Due Process Proceedings


Free Consultation

If you would like to learn  more about how child advocacy support services can benefit you and your child, you can contact Holly Brommer directly by phone or by using the message box found on this page.  Be sure to include your contact information and a brief description of your specific concerns.

Upon receipt of your information request, 
we can arrange for a free in-home,  phone, or on-line consultation regarding your child's case and  answer any questions you may have regarding  support options and our reasonable service fee structure.  

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